The Second Day is ALWAYS the Worst Day

I’ve heard this said to me before, “Oh, you’re running 8/12/6.2 billion miles?  It never hurts as much as it does two days after.”

Here’s the deal: Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong, and this time they were dead on the money.

If I could’ve curled into a corner and quietly avoided anything to do with yesterday, I would.  I was Johnny Off the Spot, completely wrecked with exhaustion and constant nagging aches in my leg.  I got through the day, but not with the general amount of energy that I normally do, and by the time I got home I just wanted food and sleep.

It’s these times I question why on Earth I’ve decided to engage in this.  It’s incredibly tough to remain focused on the goal.

But most people say it’s the training, not the actual marathon itself, that is the hard part.  You train so you can look back and say, “I’ve done this.  It’s hard.  I can keep going.”

20 miles to get through this week.  Time to get back to focus.

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