Why is this page called Orange Squeaky?  Its name comes the toy that was my dog’s favourite thing in the whole wide world (Finley passed after 16 wonderful years of being the goodest doggy ever.) He wouldn’t play with anything else despite having all the chew bones, rope toys, other squeaking items, and plush animals you could fit into a shipping container.  It was his light and his joy outside of his kid and his cats (out of which he ranked under omega in the household despite being the largest).

I decided to choose his toy for my blog as seeing him with it reminded me that it is always the little things that bring us joy.  So whether I’m running, working, figuring out how to live in England, etc. it reminds me to look around and take in the details.  Life is short, take it all in and remember to play!

I hope you enjoy reading bits of my blog, and that you remember to love all the orange squeakies that come into your life.

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