Don’t Kick Yourself

I had a crummy run. This is how I resolved to not let it stop me. (With a bit of help from Mother Nature.)

Run Commuting for Beginners

One of the best ways to maintain fitness is to work it into your routine - so here's a beginner's guide to run commuting to work.

Two… no wait… three things.

Two things I've really noticed about myself from taking up this marathon: 1. I'm an emotional rollercoaster. The very first half marathon I did I cried.  And we're not talking tear-streaked sniffling smile, we're talking full on wailing and screaming and pumping of the fists into the air.  I was so loud that my friends... Continue Reading →

It’s all gone pants.

In an attempt at 15+ miles I've hit a major stumbling block: knee lock. In a miraculous act I managed to correct it at home, but can I replicate this fix when I'm on the course? That's the mystery.

F***ing F*** it’s COLD!

Holy cow. (That's the nice introduction.) You know, how they say, when you are about to experience/are experiencing hypothermia? And how, when you are wet and you are cold you can accelerate the process? I attempted that today. So it's Tuesday, which means I run to work and from work. I do this Tuesday, Wednesday,... Continue Reading →

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