F***ing F*** it’s COLD!

Holy cow. (That’s the nice introduction.) You know, how they say, when you are about to experience/are experiencing hypothermia? And how, when you are wet and you are cold you can accelerate the process?

I attempted that today.

So it’s Tuesday, which means I run to work and from work. I do this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and take Friday off. (A girl has got to pub – though it’s one drink because I run on Saturday and Sunday.) I made the mistake of stuffing my clothes back into my backpack instead of sticking them in the drawer to sort of ‘dry up.’ So, when I got dressed to run back, they were damp.

It’s raining today. Sometimes, it sleeted, but for the sake of my running it just rained. It did the wind thing too which made me feel (but not look) like I had Angelina Jolie lips. So by the time I got home to walk the Finley-dog I was warm but damp.

I quickly, on the puppy walk, became cold and damp.

Just for giggles, I became even colder when deciding that I wouldn’t bother changing before running to the shop quickly for milk.

Which meant, by the time I was home and running the bath my fingers COULDN’T FEEL THE HOT WATER.

I would like to point out (other than my blatant sponsorship plug) that Rome will be toasty warm when I run. This whole freezing fingers bit will not exist. In fact, I’m training by most standards in a totally wrong climate. But, as of right now I’m currently not of the wealthy sort and thus I must train in this climate – and holy cow, f***! It’s F***ING COLD!

And yet I run. My, I am weird.

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