Two… no wait… three things.

Two things I’ve really noticed about myself from taking up this marathon:

1. I’m an emotional rollercoaster.

The very first half marathon I did I cried.  And we’re not talking tear-streaked sniffling smile, we’re talking full on wailing and screaming and pumping of the fists into the air.  I was so loud that my friends and family thought I was injured and asked me several times if I needed first aid.  Since that day I have tried with great restraint not to bawl like a newborn the moment I pass a milestone, but boy howdy have I been pushing manic-depressive through this whole experience.

I think I’m getting runner’s highs on the longer runs.  Think because mostly I find, after coming in from 15, 17, and 20 miles, I am HUNGRY.  We’re not talking an “Oh, just a little bagel and some cream cheese” we’re talking “Please bring me a cow so I can naw on it.”  I really don’t have any time to mentally settle until after I’ve downed 3 pints of chocolate milk and a bushel of bananas.  But the day after a long run, I’m moody.  It’s as if I should wear a sign, “Angry Cristin, DO NOT CROSS.”  The littlest things set me off … and then the next day I’m all sunshine and lollipops.  Apologies to everyone who has to work or deal with me.  There is a reason why my main form of fundraising has been via baked goods.  (I’m sorry I’m scary crazy, have a cookie!)

2. I’m a lot tougher than I thought.

Okay, so when I’m not trying to re-create Stephen King novels or bingeing, I find I can stand quite a bit more.  Sure, having the hairline trip stomach and/or emotional cortex can be a hinderance, but once I get beyond the weird two to three days after a run, I’m solid.  Surprisingly so.  Last night, for instance, my dog decided out of nowhere he wished to run in a dead sprint instead of walk.  Now, I’d just run home.  We went, nearly full tilt, and I got back with zero problems.  ZERO.  It’s as if all this running and yoga and crunches actually MEAN something.

It’s lunacy, man.

So there we go: Two (technically three) things I’ve learned about while marathon training.  In the end I think that when you go beyond a half marathon and get into long, long distances the worst thing you have to overcome is yourself.  Really.

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  1. You are so awesome! I’m debating about doing the Chicago marathon again this year. It is definitely so much more grueling to go from half to full. You are doing it!!

    1. I was worried that doing this I would begin to HATE running. I found that I have gotten a new appreciation for it. However, I think I won’t become a full-time marathoner after it is over… then again I think I’m going to stick with 3-day run to work weeks and 10 miles on the weekend once it is through. Oh no! What is happening to me???

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