The Xtreme Outdoor Picnicking Logo … UNLEASHED!

Xtreme Outdoor Picnicking gets a logo. Because anything this ridiculous totally deserves one.


Tea Snob.

The English have a lot of tea. And when I came here I thought I was all up on the tea thing.  I'd even gone to Dubai and done the super awesome tea thing that cost an arm and leg (it was worth that arm and leg).  I had a boss who would explain, in... Continue Reading →


So I've been told about EXTREME IRONING.  There is also an EXTREME TEA DRINKING challenge.  But nobody, as yet that I know for certain, has EXTREME ALL-WEATHER OUTDOOR PICNICKING. I feel this needs to be included in the 2012 London Summer Olympics as a sport. I love picnic.  And the English?  Well, they KNOW how... Continue Reading →

No, no, no.

Don't expect everyone to say "Yes" to you when asking for donations. "No" happens. What you need to know about "no" is that no matter what, you keep going.

Super Action Injury Team

Or SAIT  for short. In sum: Everyone I know who is running, whether it is a long,  long race like mine or a teeny tiny baby race, is injured.  Well, everyone I know who is running in England is injured, anyway. My Mom (aka Mum) is not located in England, but she's running with an... Continue Reading →

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