(Knee) Brace for IMPACT!

So after a sleep, some rest, and some reflection three things have been decided: I've bought a sport knee brace and am breaking it in. I get to do strength training every day.  Hooray for yoga and crunches! 2 rest days now mandatory after any 12+ mile run. What I'm trying to do is avoid... Continue Reading →

Saying Thank You.

If there is one thing that is important in charity work and fundraising, it's remembering to say thank you to everyone who donates. Here are just a few ways to show your appreciation, both traditionally and on the world wide spider-web.

It’s all gone pants.

In an attempt at 15+ miles I've hit a major stumbling block: knee lock. In a miraculous act I managed to correct it at home, but can I replicate this fix when I'm on the course? That's the mystery.

Target. Diversify. Cultivate.

If there is one thing I hate, it's asking the ether to donate. "But," you say, "I have 542,371 followers on Twitter! If everyone donated £1.00 to my cause I would have £542,371.00!" And it would work, if you were an uber-celebrity or you had a major amount of media behind you. Chances are you... Continue Reading →

How you representing?

So if you want to think of fundraising from a purely business perspective you should think in two terms: 1. Donations. 2. Exposure. For those England fundraising types, you've probably gotten packets that give you several very good ways to do #1. Many of them will also give you #2, except you may stand there... Continue Reading →

Big monies asking.

So now that VMGiving is passing me around to super great people who are working for their charities, I thought now and again I'll post some of my old fundraising tips up for people to use. I'll jump into it: It is HARD to ask for big money. It is easy to break it down,... Continue Reading →

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