Big monies asking.

So now that VMGiving is passing me around to super great people who are working for their charities, I thought now and again I’ll post some of my old fundraising tips up for people to use.

I’ll jump into it: It is HARD to ask for big money.

It is easy to break it down, and so that is what people do. But to hit (and exceed – nothing like good excess for fundraising) you have to go out, be humble, and ask for some dough.

A few blogs back I talked about making up a Fundraising Pool. This is where you look through everyone you know, list them, and think about what area of donation they fall into. If you are lucky and you have a few successful friends they would fall into your category called Major Donors. These are people you ask with utmost care, ones that you should take the time to tailor your ask to.

Time to think.

Are they a person who will give so long as you ask?
Many good friends and business colleagues are like this. If you approach, be passionate and honest, they will often back you up. All you have to do is approach, open your mouth, and try. If you are nervous find someone willing to play act with you so you don’t feel as if you are jumping straight into cold water.

Are they someone you’d like to do something for?
If you find yourself stuck on straight asking, why not think of an event to center around your friend or friends? Hold an exclusive dinner where you cook a big feast, or uncork some special wine for a night and ask a suggested donation amount. Sometimes it loosens you up a bit and makes it easier to ask for bigger bucks.

Are they someone who can help promote your cause?
Sometimes it is more than money, these people can be the bringers of smaller donations that really add up. Business owners may put a collection tin out front and make a big deal out of your efforts. Others might join in to sponsor your running shirt, giving advertising dollars to a worthy cause. Still more may help you with smaller events like raffles and bake sales.

Remember: Don’t be afraid. Be creative, flexible, and confident.

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