No, no, no.

Don't expect everyone to say "Yes" to you when asking for donations. "No" happens. What you need to know about "no" is that no matter what, you keep going.

Incestuous Fundraising

Sometimes incest is best when it comes to fundraising! (Well, at least teaming up with others to hit a fundraising goal.) Group efforts to raise funds for charity take a bit more work, but can be very rewarding. Ideas are ample when you have the man power, and so are donation opportunities. Just remember to plan, play to strengths, and have fun.

Target. Diversify. Cultivate.

If there is one thing I hate, it's asking the ether to donate. "But," you say, "I have 542,371 followers on Twitter! If everyone donated £1.00 to my cause I would have £542,371.00!" And it would work, if you were an uber-celebrity or you had a major amount of media behind you. Chances are you... Continue Reading →

How you representing?

So if you want to think of fundraising from a purely business perspective you should think in two terms: 1. Donations. 2. Exposure. For those England fundraising types, you've probably gotten packets that give you several very good ways to do #1. Many of them will also give you #2, except you may stand there... Continue Reading →

Big monies asking.

So now that VMGiving is passing me around to super great people who are working for their charities, I thought now and again I'll post some of my old fundraising tips up for people to use. I'll jump into it: It is HARD to ask for big money. It is easy to break it down,... Continue Reading →

The Pyramid

So I was asked by VMGiving (follow them) that if I had any fundraising tips I should pass them on. Get the opportunity for an extra bit of promotion for the National Autistic Society and help others? No problem. I actually spent three years in grassroots fundraising for local candidates in Houston, Texas. (If you... Continue Reading →

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