Making Noise / Starting Conversation

Here’s two ways to fundraise:

Last weekend I was busing it back with groceries when a load of whistles and cheers swelled up behind me.  Looking back, I saw a group of students racing across the square in fancy dress, some on unicycles.  They were carrying signs and buckets and chanting their charity’s name.  Once they reached the square they stopped, performed a loud and silly circus act, and collected change before racing off again. I dropped in a few coins.

A few weeks ago VMGiving introduced me to a first-time marathoner who had fundraising questions.  His public tweets were carefully crafted around his cause, and through replies and direct messages I came to understand more about his reason to run.   Now that I understand his passion I have no trouble in sponsoring him.

Think about it:  Are you the type who enjoys making some noise or are you a conversation starter?

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