Incestuous Fundraising

Sometimes  you can’t do it alone.  Don’t feel bad about it.

To reach any fundraising goal isn’t easy.  And when you’re stretched for time or have had no luck going out on your own then don’t be shy and approach others who share the same interests.  Welcome to incestuous (or group) fundraising.

What do I do?

1. Search out fellow Twitterfolk, check with your charity, or see if you can get a knot of friends willing to jump on board.

2. Choose an event you can focus on.  Examples are:

  • Group grocery bagging for tips.
  • Large-scale house party.
  • Charity Challenge – obstacle courses, marshmallow eating (aka silly challenges), pub quiz – where people can either pay to attend or “bet” on certain charities to trompe the other.

3. Combine efforts to blast out what you’re up to.  Split it up and push it through: blogs, tweets, Facebook, email, phone calls.  You may even be able to contact the local media if your idea is something the community can attend.

*WARNING* Incestuous Fundraising takes more planning.

Remember when tackling a challenge as a group that you are, in fact, a group.  Play to strengths and always keep an open mind.  You are working together towards a shared goal so don’t let the little things throw you off course.

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