So… when is your next marathon?

You get in a relationship, they ask, "When you getting married?" You get married, they ask, "When you having kids?" You have kids, they ask, "When are they going to become world-class marathoners and buy you a unessessarily large vehicle?" Or something of that sort. So it's the question: When is my next marathon?  My... Continue Reading →

What it is like to run the Rome Marathon (from the perspective of a slow runner).

First, rent an apartment on Via Cavour.  You can do so through these people, who have excellent service, great rates, and clean rooms.  You should do this because you need to have people come with you.  This is important because Rome is a city to be shared.  Also, the finish is right there so you... Continue Reading →

The last long run.

So you all know, I am now the proud owner of not one, but TWO knee braces. It appears that my right knee can handle 13.1 miles and my left knee can handle 17 miles.  You brace them both and that leads to 31.1 miles - therefore meaning by deduction of fuzzy logic I will... Continue Reading →

On the subject of running outfits.

Running doesn't take much kit - but when it comes to running outfits in England you have two choices: NEON and black. Where is the inbetween? And why to Oxford University students enjoy running in black so much, AT NIGHT?


The adventures at the Department of Enquires Office, Solihull, England. Plus, the added bonus of driving a car! In the UK!

Two… no wait… three things.

Two things I've really noticed about myself from taking up this marathon: 1. I'm an emotional rollercoaster. The very first half marathon I did I cried.  And we're not talking tear-streaked sniffling smile, we're talking full on wailing and screaming and pumping of the fists into the air.  I was so loud that my friends... Continue Reading →

Running Location Update

So the strike is currently impacting two passport offices, thus they have redirected us to Birmingham. It's the same day, same time, meaning that there is a risk they will shut down as well. Other than that my run in today was spectacular. I feel it was primarily due to the acceptance that things are... Continue Reading →

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