The last long run.

So you all know, I am now the proud owner of not one, but TWO knee braces.

It appears that my right knee can handle 13.1 miles and my left knee can handle 17 miles.  You brace them both and that leads to 31.1 miles – therefore meaning by deduction of fuzzy logic I will make it 26.2 and feel as if I can run 31.1.

Today, this English Mother’s Day (Go hug your Mom’s fellow Americans) I did what is to be considered my last long run before the marathon.  Yes, at this time next week I will be skipping along the 26.2 mile route for real, but today I just get to go out and figure how to run like a gazelle with two large velcro bandages stuck to my legs.

First, thank you England for being pretty today.  I did not appreciate the driving winds in open areas, but did appreciate the lack of profuse mud in Port Meadow.

Second, and this is just another offshoot of becoming a distance runner, thank you brain for going all autopilot and missing a vital turn – thereby increasing my taper to 8.48 miles instead of 7.  I always seem to feel better after mile 5, and I believe this is due mostly to my body giving up on fighting this whole distance running thing and letting me have at it.

Third, and most importantly, thank you UK Border Agency for processing my visa.  No, I do not have the card yet but what I do have is a letter saying I’m allowed to stay, and that if I don’t have my card by the time I need to leave I have a number that the fellows at the gate can go and look up and say, “Yes, she can come back in.”

So, this is it then.  Just a few run commutes this week to break in the new brace and I’m all settled.  Real deal.  No turning back.

Welp, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

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  1. Go Cristin! I had my last long run today, of 10 miles. I struggled at the end, I have a large blister on my foot, and I only managed to average 14:30 minutes per mile, but I’m as ready as I’ll ever be, and I believe that I *will* succeed next Sunday in my half-marathon.

    Thank you for the belief you’ve given me, and know that it’s repaid in full. You can complete it, and I know you will get a time to be proud of. Good luck, and let us both raise money and break personal boundaries next Sunday!!

    1. That is so fantastic. And think, just a few weeks ago you were fretting over 3 miles.

      I highly, highly recommend Bodyglide to help with those blisters. It’s a major help when you are in high mileage zones for lots more than feet! Trust me! I won’t elaborate!


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