No, no, no.

It will happen, people will say no.

No to donating.  No to your event.  No to even hearing about how your training is going.


There is an old sales rule that states that you need to ask a person three times and get three “No” answers before you should give up.


  1. Try to start fundraising as early as you can.  That way you can circle around later and ask again.
  2. Treat your potential donor with respect.  Listen to them.  Know when to back off.
  3. Let your last ask be for moral or cheering support.  It’s a good way to close off the fundraiser side of you and return to the friend/colleague side without it venturing into the “well, this is… um… awkward…” category.

Do not-not-not letting getting told “No” get you down.  Look at each “no” as an opportunity to review.  Are you asking too high?  Are you asking to aggressively?  Are you EXPECTING people just to give you money (aka not being respectful of your donor pool)?

Fundraising takes work, creativity, and yes… a thick skin.  “No” is going to happen.  What matters is that it doesn’t stop you from reaching your goal.

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