Tea Snob.

The English have a lot of tea.

And when I came here I thought I was all up on the tea thing.  I’d even gone to Dubai and done the super awesome tea thing that cost an arm and leg (it was worth that arm and leg).  I had a boss who would explain, in great detail, the tea she was drinking.

I was at one with my tea knowledge.  I was tea Buddha.

Or, so I thought.

I moved into Oxford, and the world changed.  I went to Fortnum and Mason (on a suggestion for proper English Christmas gifts) and my world exploded.

Ladies and gentlemen I now drink, in the afternoon, a specific tea called… Afternoon.  I find myself tuning into Earl Gray Classic in the morning, Afternoon in the evening, and if they had a No Caffeine Bedtime tea I’d probably drink that too.  I’ve actually begun to understand floral notes and light flavor.  It’s sad, it’s pathetic, it’s English on a whole Oxford weird level.

When I was a child I spake in Lipton Sweet Tea.  When I was a young adult I spake as in Hot Tea, General.  But now as an Ex-Pat Oxfordian I spake in Fortnum and Mason.

Can I go back?  I just don’t know.

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