Super Action Injury Team

Or SAIT  for short.

In sum: Everyone I know who is running, whether it is a long,  long race like mine or a teeny tiny baby race, is injured.  Well, everyone I know who is running in England is injured, anyway.

My Mom (aka Mum) is not located in England, but she’s running with an ankle brace.

So I say this to you, oh 6 or so readers: Please, if you are located in England or the UK or the planet Earth please do not read my blog posts about running.  Apparently they may cause injury.  If you are training for a race you may need to have someone else take the injury hit and read this blogs to you.  If you did not realize this, are training for a race, and are currently reading, avert your eyes and pretend this blog was about kittens.  Happy kittens.  Kittens who have soft fur and magically do not shed.  If you can’t stop reading, I’m sorry.  I am good at writing blogs and suck people in.

If this blog has indeed caused injury, feel free to comment below.  I’ll post the most creative ones and may even give away a prize.

2 thoughts on “Super Action Injury Team

Add yours

  1. I have had injuries in my calf and neck. I have caught at least one cold.

    I have therefore suffered quite severe setbacks with a baby race in just five weeks’ time, and I believe all of the above were caused by reading this blog*.

    I demand baking-based recompense.

    * It’s possible they were caused by lack of a clue about what I’m doing, but I prefer not to consider this possibility

  2. Thanks! I will take your advice and start the process of not running. Running has been known to be bad for health and I’d rather not do it if is okay with everyone.

    I used to run quite a bit when I was younger and hence a tad thinner. Even then, I found not running to be much easier on my knees so I took it up full time. Now I just work out with weights and complete some sit-ups while talking back to the television.

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