The Training Plan

So, I added three miles to my run today. This means, should the world not turn into ice tomorrow, I will have 15 miles for my regular week.

Plus I have 6-mile run to do on Sunday in order to follow THE ALMIGHTY TRAINING PLAN.

For those who have never decided that running long laborious distances is a fun thing to do, a training plan is a sheet of weekly activities which culminate in a series of milestones in order to reach an optimum race goal.

My race goal? Finish. (Preferably within the time limit to get a medal.)

Based on my reading of the 6.7 million race plans (amended) that exist on planet Earth, in order to run a 4:30 marathon (total time) I must put in 30 miles of running per week.

And, based on the Marathon for People Who Have No Time to Train for a Marathon Plan (this exists) I need to run 5 days a week plus hit ‘race’ goals – aka go 6, 13.1, and 20 miles in one fun fashion.

So, I will need to commute to work, by foot, all 5 days + hit race targets.

I also have less than 90 days to do this in.

It’s a lot to take in, mentally. But, I figure, it’s Rome. It’s going to be like power touristing.

Did I mention I need sponsoring?

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