Run Commuting for Training

So you've started run commuting and decided to use it as a tool to train for a half or full marathon. Just like any training plan you have to, of course, plan. Here's some tips to get you started.

Two… no wait… three things.

Two things I've really noticed about myself from taking up this marathon: 1. I'm an emotional rollercoaster. The very first half marathon I did I cried.  And we're not talking tear-streaked sniffling smile, we're talking full on wailing and screaming and pumping of the fists into the air.  I was so loud that my friends... Continue Reading →

Super Action Injury Team

Or SAIT  for short. In sum: Everyone I know who is running, whether it is a long,  long race like mine or a teeny tiny baby race, is injured.  Well, everyone I know who is running in England is injured, anyway. My Mom (aka Mum) is not located in England, but she's running with an... Continue Reading →

(Knee) Brace for IMPACT!

So after a sleep, some rest, and some reflection three things have been decided: I've bought a sport knee brace and am breaking it in. I get to do strength training every day.  Hooray for yoga and crunches! 2 rest days now mandatory after any 12+ mile run. What I'm trying to do is avoid... Continue Reading →

Saying Thank You.

If there is one thing that is important in charity work and fundraising, it's remembering to say thank you to everyone who donates. Here are just a few ways to show your appreciation, both traditionally and on the world wide spider-web.

It’s all gone pants.

In an attempt at 15+ miles I've hit a major stumbling block: knee lock. In a miraculous act I managed to correct it at home, but can I replicate this fix when I'm on the course? That's the mystery.

F***ing F*** it’s COLD!

Holy cow. (That's the nice introduction.) You know, how they say, when you are about to experience/are experiencing hypothermia? And how, when you are wet and you are cold you can accelerate the process? I attempted that today. So it's Tuesday, which means I run to work and from work. I do this Tuesday, Wednesday,... Continue Reading →

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