Look out, senior (Logan) runner!

When searching for a generic image of senior runners (or retired runners, or pensioner runners) I found out that a legit Google search exists in the auto-fill for over-40 running blogs.

And I realised, this is (most of the time) an over-40 running blog.


I’ve been missing again, having promised I would write more about England and running and whatever, due to having the very first outpatient surgery of my life.  I’d been feeling ‘heavy’ and ‘off’ and in some kind of odd pain now and again over the past six months and I finally, finally had it checked out.  Sitting at the GP (or Doctor’s) office the much younger, more vibrant MD cheerfully explained how I was tipping the scales towards my twilight years and that certain parts of me will stop working properly.  She then let me know I could have a simple surgery to sort things out, then handed me a shovel to start digging my own grave as I’m really healthy for my age.

Well, she could’ve but NHS budget cuts dictate I’ll instead be joining the Carousel with the other elder’s once my life clock turns red. Which, considering the reference, could be Thursday.

So I was, for the past few weeks, down with a pained toe and a patient recovering from surgery, I was in full-on pity mode.  Mercifully I have cats who are pros at lounging around and doing nothing, so I want to thank them for their support while I binge-watched RuPaul’s Drag Race and Star Trek Discovery.  Just an FYI, if you tried to discern my personality based off Netflix preferences and my Instagram I’d likely be institutionalised.

Last week was my first week “back” – I walked, I yoga’d… then this week I got on the pole and ran a 4k while listening to music originally pressed on records.  My colleagues at work even noticed I was upticking towards the lady who yells at her laptop with colourful insults and not mournful tones.  I feel alive, more like ‘me’ and more in tune with everyone and everything.  There’s even sun and warmth outside in England for the next 36 hours before we fall back into the default Sweeney Todd settings!  Life is good.

So, let’s see if we can’t kick this up again.  Next week I’ll write about how you can use multivitamins and free Parker pen’s to take out the other runner’s in your race age category to get first place by default.


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