First rule of training: Crochet

The gods are either against me or need me to wait slightly prior to commencing my training.

A few days ago, in yoga, I noticed when I took off my shoes I feel this weird pressure and pain at the top of my big toe.  I got through practice reasonably well, save that it was all power poses and I didn’t know you could inflict that much personal and emotional pain on a person in downward facing dog.  But I digress…

I go to pole class on Thursday night and there is this thing called the Juliette Spin (closest version I’ve found to what I was doing on the internet that won’t get someone killed).  (And… because you’ll search it any way… This one is totally awesome but will likely cause injury if you don’t know what you are doing.) To make the roll part pretty you need to roll on pointed toes… usually not a thing for me… but it became a THING.  You know what I’m talking about?  That PAINFUL thing.  And it bummed me out because it is a pretty spin.

Then, yesterday, I noticed that putting on tennis shoes (British translation: trainers) really hurt, so, I wiggled my toes (they wiggled) but the pain… the pain was annoying enough to be annoying enough to say… something is… afoot.


I found myself getting grumpier the longer I wore the shoes, which I had to wear, as I was in public and, to my knowledge, cycling in bare feet likely hurts a lot.  I got home and pleaded with my husband to wrap my big toe – and he did – to my relief.  It was then that I realised that somewhere along the way this body of mine has… most likely… managed to sprain itself.

Screen Shot 2019-03-16 at 10.41.43

So, instead of starting my training… which was to start to increase my distance (I’m pretty much 5k ready but I need to do the 10% rule again) I’m sitting here at the gym with the kiddo at sports club and me… well…


I’m going to work on my Catherine Wheel stitch because it’s awesome don’t question me. (Good two parter on it here and here.)

One of the things about distance running is that you have to train yourself physically and mentally because as you run longer and longer it’s more likely that (provided you train right) your brain will break before your body will.  So I will use the meditative power of crochet to do mental training until the toe heals… which will hopefully be in a week.

And then I can get all fixated on my first test of mileage with ample rest breaks and beer… Runstock.


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