First rule of training: Crochet

The gods are either against me or need me to wait slightly prior to commencing my training. A few days ago, in yoga, I noticed when I took off my shoes I feel this weird pressure and pain at the top of my big toe.  I got through practice reasonably well, save that it was... Continue Reading →

Maybe I should blog about running again…

Because I got into the Oxford Half. Here's the thing, a long time ago when dinosaurs walked the earth and Brexit wasn't a recurring joke in my blogs I ran the first Oxford Half.  It was held at Kassam Stadium and consisted of a loop around Oxford and back again.  The idea of a big... Continue Reading →

The sun ritual.

When I was younger, much younger than most of you reading (I like to think I attract a hip, young audience to my blog that I sometimes write in once a year) I went to a small Catholic school in Florida.  We were tiny, so tiny that when someone new came in it was like... Continue Reading →

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