What I think about when I run.

Mile One:

Wow, I hurt.  I should stretch more.  Should I try to run the first full one?  No, run walk, then run the next one.  I’m happy I can run a mile or two comfortably now.  Did I bring enough gel?  I think so.  I did I download my podcasts?  I think I need at least three “Wait. Wait. Don’t Tell Me.” ones.  Maybe I should listen to my meditation music to start with because I need to zone out, this will be long.  Crap, I forgot to send that email out.  Did I pester enough people to donate to my marathon?  Did I tell Tom I needed more bananas?

Mile Three:

Finally, past all the crappy parts of stretching.  I’m in it now, then.  Yes, definitely needed to download three.  Mmm… brownie gel on the first break.  I’m clearing through the water.  Should I bring sports drink on the next go around?

Mile Six:

Wow, I can’t feel my legs anymore.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Mile Nine:

Waffles.  Like, those ones that are thick with the cinnamon and sugar baked in.

Mile Twelve:

la la la la la…. la…

Mile Fifteen:

(white noise)

Anything past mile fifteen:

(vastness of space)

And that, my friends, is why putting your name on the front of your jersey is a good thing, because when you finish a long run you may not remember who you are.

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