Wow. Art is Depressing.

So the Guggenheim thought up this really cool project.  What if you challenged all the artists of the world to make YouTube videos.  What would happen? They got this: A Biennial of Creative Video I've watched about 10 of the 25 finalists and have come to the conclusion that everyone is really depressed.  And, apparently,... Continue Reading →


First, for all those people who through some odd reason have been directed to my blog in the search for It's a Small World song lyrics, here is a link.  I am guessing you didn't mean to come across a short blog about how we should all stop hating on each other for silly reasons. ... Continue Reading →


I've never been nearly cut off from the world for more than two months. I've never had to sit in the dark for 20 days. I've never had to listen and hope for the sounds of someone, anyone, trying to rescue me. So I can't really speak from experience. There's a lot of bad in... Continue Reading →

Two Ideas:

I didn't get into London. (boo) But I have two ideas - neither of them currently sanctioned by any running committee. (yay)

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