Two Ideas:

So, I didn’t get into the London Marathon. Again.

It used to be that after 5 tries you got in, but that doesn’t exist anymore.  So when my turn will come with the London Marathon, I don’t know.

When I got the crummy news it reminded me of two ideas that I had:

1. Run the Oxford Marathon

The best part about the Oxford Marathon is that it doesn’t exist.  You couldn’t, really, organize for several thousand people to run through a medieval city plan.  But, as I learned through training for the Rome Marathon you can, feasibly, put together enough mileage between street and trail to equal 26.2 miles.  I could pick a date, and if any other London rejects want to join we could all go out and try it.  Of course I’d have to make a large fuss and pick a charity, as it is always good to run but even more fun to run for a purpose.  Plus, I’d have an excuse to make a logo and a t-shirt.

2. Introduce the Chubby Buns, UK equivalent to The Doughman

Now, I know what most runners think: “Why can’t I combine my desire for competitive eating alongside my training?”  Well, here’s your chance.  The Doughman is a team relay which requires you to eat before you do your portion of the event.  We’d almost replicate it in Oxford, though I don’t know if competitive punting can replace the swimming portion of the event.  This one would take work as I would need to find participating local restaurants, an actual course, and actual security.  In short, this one would cost actual money.  But, it would be loads of fun to do and great for local businesses.  Plus, I figure you put this on right at the end of term and no end of college students would happily participate.

So what do people think?  Should I go for one?  The other?  Or should I just stick to leisure running for the year?

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