First, for all those people who through some odd reason have been directed to my blog in the search for It’s a Small World song lyrics, here is a link.  I am guessing you didn’t mean to come across a short blog about how we should all stop hating on each other for silly reasons.  The world would be a way more awesome place if we could all ride on slow peaceful boats down a river, sing songs, and go eat our body weight in churros after wards.

But that is not the point of this blog.  The point of this blog is I am a winner.

That’s right, losers, I win.  I am a winner.  I have achieved and won the most highest honor in the history of honors.  I am the most amazingest of amazing ever.

And that is because I have a week set aside to the Blue Cheese Gnocchi Burger at Atomic Burger, courtesy of their brother restaurant Fratelli’s.  You see, I had this whole “inside track” to the new Fratelli’s in Oxford. Namely, that they were taking the worlds most perfect food, gnocchi, and adding the worlds most perfect cheese, blue, to it.  It was as if Jesus was moonwalking through my living room.

But I was at a loss.  Because, you see, despite this knowledge of blue cheese gnocchi I was worried heavily about not being able to balance this with protein.  It is like Jesus came, but forgot his sparkle glove.  And we all know you can’t moonwalk through a living room without a sparkle glove, even if you are the Son of God.

So I asked Atomic Burger, who is a fratello of Fratelli’s, if they could put the most perfect creation of food sustanense on one of their burgers, thus creating a new spiritual experience in my life.

And they said yes.

So now I have the joy of waiting for them to let me know when I can come and eat the most perfect food ever to exist on Planet Earth ever.  And when I do, and the heavens open up and Michael Jackson comes down to perform on Cowley Road with the angels, I will smile.  And giggle.  And order a peanut butter milkshake to go with it.

2 thoughts on “Winner!

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  1. So by default, I too am a winner because I know you, right?
    I mean, even if I haven’t learned to appreciate moldy cheese that smells like feet…

  2. Wow – New eatery’s to try out on our next visit to Oxford. I happen to also love blue cheese.

    Thanks for the “gnocchi news”.

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