Wow. Art is Depressing.

So the Guggenheim thought up this really cool project.  What if you challenged all the artists of the world to make YouTube videos.  What would happen?

They got this: A Biennial of Creative Video

I’ve watched about 10 of the 25 finalists and have come to the conclusion that everyone is really depressed.  And, apparently, when you are depressed you can make good art.

Side by side are two projects about how too much data is killing our normal lives.  Now, I actually agree with this to some level, but next to that is a cute animation of little ceramic creatures murdering each other (really) over gold coins and a one minute monologue about an elderly man trapped in hell with his family.

Perhaps it is just the way the generator works, but man, is this the common reflection of the world today?  Over-hyped, miserable, and smashing each other to pieces over little coins?

I think we focus far too much on the negative.  I suppose that is our nature, really, because when you can clutch onto the bad things you will be (hopefully) able to prevent them from happening again.  It’s probably rooted in the survival instinct.  I mean, I would definitely not want to ever put myself in a position to be eaten by a cheetah more than once in my life.

So from this survival instinct we find ourselves celebrating depression at the Guggenheim Museum.  Calling, what is sad facts of living in today’s world, art.


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