I have infected others.

At first, you think, how could anyone be into this?  I mean, lots of people do it, try it, but don’t really stick with it.  There are studies, real studies from people who get PhDs from online universities about it.  Many of them talk about how addictive it is, almost like a drug problem.  Apparently, it’s hard to quit once you start.

And then you go buy that first pair.

And it’s all, like, well… I bought the pair and now I have to use the pair and to use the pair I need … I need…

Wick-away socks.

And, well, since I’m already here and I’ve gotten them and the socks I should get some of those pretty shorts.  The ones with the racing stripe that say I’m fast.

And… okay… so I’ve got all this stuff and all I need to do is wear it.  You know, around.  Like, the block.  I’ll be quick about it.  Discrete.  I think that’s what most people do…

And suddenly you’ve got a GPS on your wrist, you agonize over shoe guides, and you horde race medals like an overly active kleptomanic.

That’s right, you’re a runner.

And this little runner has got her hubby enroute to the London Marathon, and her bestie and wifey signed up to run the Hairy Haggis Marathon Relay with her this May.

Oh yeah, I’m like a disease.  I sexy fit disease.

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