I don’t get strikes

I don't get strikes. Well, I do, from a historical perspective, but now - not so much. What can unions do to move into the future, rather than coming off like they are in the media - self-centered, spoiled, and looking to take down a business?

These things, they are important

World Cup is coming. If you are an American, this matters little as football, known to us of the States persuasion as soccer, is not something we understand. Try as we might, men dressed in shorts running amok on a field in a form of "strategy" in order to place a round ball of any... Continue Reading →

But I don’t LIKE change!

XBRL and iXBRL are being mandated for implementation very, very, very, very soon. And even though I'm not an expert in XBRL or its implementation, I know a lot about how change like this impacts people. So here's how to cope.

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