The Orange Squeaky is demands making


hullo humans.  i is finley doggie.  i is orange squeaky.

where is ball?  go get ball?  go outside play?

i be distracted. i pologise.

human lady who love me win spot in running.  i like running.  i like orange ball.

where ball?  go get ball?  outside play?  chase outside kitty?

oh no, i be distracted gain.

human lady tell me she wants to get monies for doggies and kitties.

mostly doggies.  i like kitties.  kitty bing my best friend.  but mostly doggies.

human lady say she loves me.  i am good dog.  i think she wants to give me bath.

no like bath.

human lady shows me pdsa.  human lady say they help doggies and kitties.

human lady say they give good tummy rubs and make sad doggies and kitties happy.

mostly doggies.

please give for my human.  she go running outside.  maybe she take ball.

where ball?  i get ball go outside?

oh dear, i distracted.

please give human lady. she nice.  except when i take bath.  no like bath.

like ball.

go get ball?

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