Dearest Readers of the Orange Squeaky


Guest blog by Natassia, cat and Reigning Monarch of the Orange Squeaky Household.

Greetings to my loyal subjects both here and outside these four walls and five windowsills which encompass my realm.

I wished to thank you for your support of my chambermaid’s efforts to run to, I assume, fetch me some tuna or perhaps a better spot of sunlight in which to bathe my black fur.

I must admit when I first allowed the human to serve and house me I did not quite understand her decision to leave my realm only to return in a stinky state one or more hours later.  However, as I do enjoy a good smelly shirt or perhaps a tool bag or large and unwieldy quantity of catnip now and again I thought it was simply to please me.

Turns out that she, like myself, cares for all creatures.  For instance, she raises money for the PDSA.  I allow a dog to live in my presence.  It’s these types of incredible acts which show that I am truly a compassionate monarch and have merely inspired my on demand lap to look to similar activities.

So, feel free to carry on supporting her.  She’s nice most of the time though should consider upping the quantity of chin scratches she could dispense.

Not that I’m complaining, I’m merely suggesting.  I have claws.  I just wanted to make her aware of this fact.

With loving and warm regards,


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