I forgot to tell you.

So, here in the midst of all my training for my vendetta race I realised some silly that all my 20 rapt-attention readers might be asking: How much was raised for your last race (Royal Parks)?

You know, that race that you ran for your uncle and your friend?

Firstly, the medal is on my nightstand.  I haven’t afforded any other space like that save for my marathon medals that now have prominent displays in the living room.

I also have, since the race, dreamed more about both of them.  I’m happy to report those dreams are positive and beautiful.  Lots of Uncle Steve hugs and laughs with Mike.

The race coordinators contacted the team a few months back.

We raised £20,000.00 as a group, of which £1,000.00 was from all my awesome friends, family, and crazy cool big donors whose names are unknown to me.

I think, in terms of honouring my family and friends, that is pretty darn fabulous.

So thanks, everyone.  Thanks so much.  And thank you all for my continued support.  I run to challenge myself, but this past time was particularly special because I went beyond myself.  Did something I love (and loathe and love and yeah… you get it) for people who really mattered to me.

Roll on Silverstone.

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