Ridiculous Training (that works for me)

This is not me. I look far more awesome.

On Saturday I get up at 4:00 AM.

Go with me here.

As I said, on a perfectly good weekend day I get up at 4:00 AM.  I have to because I need to eat accordingly and make sure, as I approach my long run time, no “surprises” make themselves known in my gastrointestinal system.

This is likely because I am old.  

At about 6:00 AM I start my run.  My goal is to run whatever mileage I’m suppose to run and wind up at the gym before an 8:30 AM yoga class.

And then… get this… I do one and a half hours of Hatha Yoga.

I run whatever crazy goal distance and then I do yoga.

And the next day, guess what?

I’m not in pain.  I’m maybe only a little stiff.

The run I do at the hour I do it is so peaceful.  Ridiculously peaceful.  When I get to the gym the parking lot is barely full.  By the time class finishes the sun has just come up and we’re meditating.

Soon, the Body Combat people will rampage into the studio.  The gym will be teeming with all sorts.  Kids going swimming, people eating in the cafe, the parking lot so full cars are on the pavement.

The streets are busy with traffic. People everywhere.  Stores full.

But this crazy training I’m doing?  It appears to be working for me.  Sure, because I’m racing Silverstone and Silverstone and I have “issues” all my training has involved snow, ice, rain, and wind (rendering my times sub-par but still reasonable) there are some drawbacks but…


This whole idea of a good solid run followed by gentle stretching and just taking care of yourself… Who knew?

Also, why did it take me more than ten years of running to finally figure this out?

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