Get an Excuse to Run

Inspiration o’ the month: David Walliams Swims the Thames

I would like to point out, for the sake of it, that he is currently swimming the Thames (140 MILES of it) with a stomach bug.

For those of you unfamiliar with who on Earth this guy is, there is this show called Little Britain.  He’s the tall one.  I was first introduced to them during Comic Relief, where I watched them do a little sketch.  I never thought much of him until a few days ago, when a colleague of mine pointed out he’d be swimming through the Osney Lock on his way to London.

And then it was, like, “Hold up.  This dude is hardcore.”

So even though the day was gale force winds (which I biked through and don’t recommend) I went out to cheer for him.  I even have a picture of him in the water.  Wah-lah:

He’s the white speck cap to the left of the swans.

So what does this have to do with running?  Well, nothing except one thing: Sometimes, you just gotta keep doing it.  It is so easy to have excuses not to run, and when that happens, find the excuse to run.

David is doing this all for charity.  There is the personal satisfaction of completing a huge task, but I don’t think he would be as motivated to keep going without the people he’s met while doing charity work.  I’m sure he doesn’t want to let those people, or the people supporting him, down.  So he powers on.

On a smaller level and in my little world, I’ve found out I’ve actually inspired people to run.  Some of them have even found out they are rather good at it.  So they’ve become my excuse to run right now.  Another reason to power through.

Whether it’s setting a good example for your kids or earning the right to ice cream, find your excuse.  It can be lofty and amazing, like what David is doing, or small and silly – but any excuse to run is a good excuse.

Just find one and grasp on.



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