The picking of the running outfit.

Tomorrow I take part in the return of the Oxford Half Marathon. One of the most important aspects to this race is that I have fretted appropriately about what I will be wearing. If you enjoy running blogs about fretting, this is for you.

Where I was on September 11, 2001

I was in Houston, and I was so sick of all the bickering. After spending a very brief stint at an architecture office, where I was daily criticized by former sorority sisters for the outfits I wore (I hate Ann Taylor because of that stint), I had made the blind leap into politics.  Grassroots, unglamorous,... Continue Reading →

Get an Excuse to Run

David Walliams is currently powering through a stomach bug to swim the Thames. Why? He's found the excuse to swim - the people he's met when doing charity work. What does that have to do with running? Well, it's simple - when in doubt, find an excuse to keep running.

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