The picking of the running outfit.

Yet another thing a non-runner wouldn’t understand: Race Day Running Outfit.

Tomorrow I am doing this: Oxford Half Marathon

So you know, it’s the first half marathon run through Oxford in a really long time.  They have the Oxford Town and Gown and the most awesome two-mile race ever, Santas on the Run.  But they haven’t run a half marathon since the 90s.

As I prep to be part of this inaugural race I have dutifully stuffed my Fuel Belt with Gu, washed all my water bottles, and attached my timing chip to my shoe.  These things are easy.  But where I fret is in what I wear.

First, I want to make sure I’ve got color going on.  I don’t have an ounce of speed, but as I jog along I want people to at least see some vibrance.  Second, I’m not yet sure if I want to pair the bright top with shorts or with running capris.  So, after some initial thoughts I have decided to create a primary and a secondary outfit.  Primary outfit consists of the lime green Run to the Beat jersey I got my first race after moving here and black running capris with a comfy waist.  I’ve also decided on a full running top (not half) in case it gets warm and I don’t feel up to flashing some major skin.

Secondary outfit is a switch from capris to my most obnoxious pair of shorts.

My feet will be sporting the most wonderful running socks on Earth, 1000 mile.  I cannot decide if they will be the pink ones or the blue ones.  I also will be introducing my newest pair of Brooks running shoes, having discovered recently that my current pair have lost all their traction.

I have carefully folded all this material and placed it within easy arms reach of waking up.  In a few minutes I will go and carefully put my Fuel Belt together and put all race day information in one place.

This, of course, will mean little tomorrow, when I wake up in a panic despite the planning.  Mercifully I’m not driving to the race, as if I was there is another race day ritual I don’t enjoy talking about: upset tummy driving around panicking even if I get there 2 hours before the start gun.

We won’t walk about that.  We’ll stick with outfits.  Yes, outfits are good.

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