Curse you, Chanel!

(I never look like this.)

Riddle me this: Why on earth am I only attracted to frames which, on average, start at a price level of ridiculous?

It’s always been this way, ever since I could go and purchase my own glasses.  Never do the cheap frames fit me, oh no, it’s always Chanel or Prada or Versace.  I wear Primark clothes, the same jeans for years, and I’m addicted to free bag with mag… but my eyes, apparently, have their own status.

This time it was Chanel.  I walked into the Vision Express with purpose.  I would try on every 2 for 1 frame, look at everything *but* the expensive brands.  Due to an error with my check-in they didn’t know I was available for my eye test so I had, by the time I reached the man who would spend 15 minutes shining light in my eyes, tried on every pair on the affordable wall.

And I wasn’t happy.  And I looked to me right.  There they were.

The expensive ones.

Within two minutes I had found them: red/brown Chanels with enamel C’s.  They were professional, they were flattering to my skin tone, and they were plastic.

Well, hand foraged acetate created by faeries or whatever, but it meant that it would be much, much harder to break them.  And I like breaking me some glasses.  Metal, any metal, means that at some point somewhere something is snapping off.  I don’t care if the people of Mordor made the metal, it would break.

Surely, this means it limits me on frame types but just recently it seems that acetate is back with the jet set. Bastards.

Because I have run into this problem countless times since the day I realized I needed glasses there is a serious amount of savings undertaken in order to cover the inevitable.  This time I was on budget, at least for someone who knows that her budget is always going to be twice what she thinks it’s going to be and thus saves twice as much as if to will this into her life.

So on Monday I have a new set of designer frames.  Beautiful, sparkling Chanel frames.  I always have to tell myself that I wear these every day, so they should be something that thrills me to place on my face.  But dang it, why oh why do they always end up being so expensive?

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