Welcome back to running, Idiot Cristin

I took a month off running.  According to my level of blog postings it may seem a lot longer, but in reality it was nearly exactly perfectly lovingly one month off running.

They say your fitness level declines after two weeks of not running, but I thought (using the logic of those who drink diet drinks) that considering my cycling has increased by 4 miles each day, I would offset the decline in running ability and allow my ankle to heal.

Oh ho, Idiot Cristin, oh ho.

Everyone knows that cycling uses different muscles.  This is why bi-athletes and tri-athletes look like these awesome hot things with zero pooch fat on their bodies … they work lots of different muscle groups.  When you just cycle you partially neglect the stomach and arms, because they aren’t needed as much.  So, after 30 days of lack of run commuting my first day of 5 miles felt like nothing.  My second day of 5 miles was slow, but manageable.  My third day of recovery felt like someone at petrified my legs and that at any moment my arms might fall off.  It felt partially like when I started running in the first place, like a really stupid hobby to take up.

But despite my aches and my pains and my shockingly slow commute time (not to mention burping… I spent my whole run into work burping…) I know that the time I spend hoofing it in is precious time.  Me time.  Time to be incredibly selfish except when large vehicles are directly involved.  And even though I’m not up to my optimum mileage of current I know it will build.  My love of running is too great to destroy not keeping up with it.

Running is an addiction.  And I am an Idiot Cristin.  So here we go again!

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