Here’s what I’m thinking about doing, though it’s a bit off-center.  I am happy at my job, I like it and I’m comfortable in being me there (rather than my evil twin).  I’m actually thinking about changing my LinkedIn profile and whatever the heck else I have out there into a series of statements taken every time I announce I won’t be in the office.  Because, they go something like this:

“Really? How will we survive?”

“Oh no!  We’ll all die unless you’re here!”

“But, the office will fall over if you aren’t here.”

and, my personal favorite:

“You’re going for far too long.  By the time you return we’ll be beating ourselves over the heads with coffee pots and sticking tea bags in our ears.”

It’s statements like these that make me feel very valued, and thus I think that rather than the “infrastructure” ramble I have going, I’m considering changing my summary to something like being the Anna to my little V tribe, minus the whole eating of people I mate with.  Oh, and I’m not a god.  However, I will be immortal or die trying.

What do you think?  Ditch the PC and go with the comments?  I think they are way, way better.

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