Oxford Marathon… maybe a reality?


So you know, the original post I was drafting was a tirade-filled rant about how difficult it is to be an immigrant in the United Kingdom.  Short is we made an in-person appointment (March 9th) to ensure that we would be seen and sorted and I could run in Rome.  That’s now been taken away and things are beyond my control.  There is nothing I can do as I have done all I’ve could.

So, Oxford Marathon is back.

For those who don’t know, this was my original plan for when we didn’t think we could get an in-person appointment.  Deal is this:

1. I made a promise to run a marathon on March 21, 2010.  I will keep that promise.

2. I will focus my rage and anger towards running said marathon, and raising funds for something I truly support and believe in.

3. I will remain positive.  Oddly, I’ve had a huge amount of problem in remaining positive lately.  The training has been, to say the least, very difficult.  I knew going into this that the strongest issue I would have would be the mental aspect.  Many people know I started running to deal with anxiety and I struggle with a “perfectionist nature.”  Strangely enough being a poor runner doesn’t interfere with that nature as if you run for long enough you become mildly delusional.  It’s like heroin only it’s beneficial.

4. If I get handed the absolute “NO” I will run this marathon through the city of Oxford and I want everyone to tell everyone about it.  I’ll post a map, times, the whole bit.  Best part is, I win because I’m the only participant.

Winning is good.  It will be nice to win something.

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