At last, sports clubs for the slowpokes.

I’ve never been shy about how ‘bad’ I am at running. I was beaten early on in my running at a half marathon by a person dressed as The Stig. I’ve been lapped by a person dressed as a chicken at a 10k. I’ve had a woman in a 15 foot tall inflatable dinosaur costume... Continue Reading →

The upside of virtual running.

Anyone who has been participating in any running event in the past decade would know first hand that there are downsides to running events. The worst of these, in my opinion, is how you have to arrive a lot earlier than the race itself AND you might be waiting around for some time (especially if... Continue Reading →

Verch Blerch

In a nod to pure online geekery I have completed my Virtual Blerch run... or the Verch Blerch. I now own more objects with a fat little fairy on them that should be allowed.

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