Oh no, I’ve signed up for a virtual marathon.

1 million years ago (or 2005) I took up my first ever training plan to run the Disney Half Marathon (now the Walt Disney World Half Marathon as there are 1,000 races on offer at various Disney locations). Since then a few things have changed. I’ve gotten (slightly) older, had a kiddo, moved to a completely different country than the place of my birth, obligatory pandemic mention, and can now do all things virtually.

So, going against my previous statement of retiring from the London Marathon I have decided to run the London VIRTUAL Marathon.

And this means – heaven forbid – I have to start a new training plan.

Those that have followed my very inconsistent musings know that I’m not a fast runner, and now having 24 glorious hours to complete 26.2 miles… it makes it all the more tempting to see just how slow I can go.

So, welcome back all of you to my weekly(ish) postings about running. I hope they amuse, entertain, and remind you that any one can run. Seriously, any one.

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