20 of the Weirdest Things About England That The English Don’t Realise Are Weird

Editor's Note: I've just been informed Scottish bank notes are not legal tender.  They are, however, legal currency. I suppose this is like how you write 's' instead of 'z' in realize and put a 'u' in color.  Correction is made. This is my ex-pat American response to Tickld's article 20 of the Weirdest Things... Continue Reading →


So I've been told about EXTREME IRONING.  There is also an EXTREME TEA DRINKING challenge.  But nobody, as yet that I know for certain, has EXTREME ALL-WEATHER OUTDOOR PICNICKING. I feel this needs to be included in the 2012 London Summer Olympics as a sport. I love picnic.  And the English?  Well, they KNOW how... Continue Reading →

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