A Minor Political Rant.

“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” – Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell

Gosh, I think it’s a super good thing that I’m living in the UK right now.

Here’s the deal, those who know me know I stumped for politicians for three years.  They were Democrats, gays, straights, and – in my eyes – pioneers.  I can boast a 50% success record and three well-respected individuals on the Houston City Council.  One of them actually did really well for herself, she’s Mayor now.

What most people don’t know about me is that I don’t vote straight down party lines. This was because, during my time on the political circuit, I came to realize that some of our elected officials were certified C-R-A-Z-Y.  They were more concerned with themselves than with their constituents, more into making sound bites than making the world a better place.  More focused on their agendas and less focused on working as a unit.

So when I read my way through the report that the House was won by the Republicans, I was truly appalled to read the last line quote from Mr. Mitch Connell.  Based on this thought process it means that, for the next two to four years, jack squat will be done to improve my native country.  Because, you see, it appears the agenda has been set to thwart and blame this thwartion on the President.  They will probably use the terms “freedom” and “civil liberties” and “justice” because we don’t need no “big government” with their “taxes.”

While people may be wishy-washy on Obama, I was hoping (falsely) that there would actually be some compromise out there.  But, instead, it is business as usual – people more concerned with themselves then actually working, let’s just say, for a better tomorrow… rather than a better-get-me-back-into-or-into-a-higher-office tomorrow.

Now, I don’t entirely blame the American public – politics is, in and of itself, a total creature that would be alien to even the most intelligent of humans.  But, fact is, we do hold responsibility for allowing the crazies to run.  We do hold the responsibility for electing individuals who do not act in the best interest of the people, but for themselves and their own egos.  For the sound bites.  For the glare of the television cameras.

So, even though I can’t do anything about what has just happened, I can urge anyone who reads this to do as follows: Take just a small amount of time to get to know your elected officials.  Look up non-partisan publications (which do exist) or attend one candidate forum.  From those little bits you can probably tell who is in it for the ego and who is in it to actually improve the world we live in.

Had Mr. Mitchell said, “I am happy my party holds majority for the House, but I understand that we must work with our President in order to do better for our country.” I would’ve been fine.  But that sort of quote says to me that nothing good can come from these next few years, as it will be a useless waste of egos colliding over what could be a much more fruitful outcome.


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  1. Oh My God, here we go again! Welcome to the land of the GOP/Texas. This has become somewhat of a joke. If you are not rich/Republican/native Texan, don’t even bother in this state. CeeCee, Hail to the Queen!
    Come home we need people like you.

    1. It’s not necessarily that that the world needs “more people like me” it’s that I want people to choose their leaders not based on party lines, but that they actually care about the people they represent. That’s really what I want. Not necessarily “big government” or “little government” or more or less tax, but people who make thoughtful decisions, no matter how tough they are. And seriously, I’m over the abortion/gay/pot/immigration stuff. That’s not nearly as important as schools, roads/transport, medicine and providing solid public service.

      You at least have Annise in Houston. That woman is a realist, and I wish there were more realistic and intelligent people stepping up to the plate for office.

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