Greece rules.  Don’t let the whole economy crashing put you off.  They’ve got great beaches, great pools, great underground pools with buttons that shoot jets of water.

And ruins.

Greece had lots of them, mostly important.  They’ve got a temple that is practically perfect still.  You should go.

Seriously, book your flights.

Things I’ve learned:

  1. Food in Greece is good.  Family food is better (thank you Cathy and Marwan).
  2. If you are lucky enough to have a Greek family or friend to visit, remember you need to say no to any request three times to any offer.  Then you accept.  It’s strangely polite that way.
  3. Also, there is never such thing as too much dessert.
  4. The buses are CHEAP.  Seriously CHEAP.  It’s a bit to figure out (just write the city names down in Greek and you’re fine).  But once you do, stay on a beach outside Athens and go in to visit.
  5. Exact change is just a good thing to have for the shops.  This is general euro-awareness, but it’s good to have.  Europeans like cash – the only exceptions are hotels and major travel items like booking drivers.
  6. Don’t just go to the Acropolis, go to the Agora as well.  It’s rather quiet there but has the Temple of Hephaestus and some really incredible sculpture.
  7. You cannot depart Greece without something with either a Greek flag on an evil eye.  I’m loving my evil eye bracelet, it’s just like Monsters, Inc. is on my arm.  It cost two euros.  How awesome is that???

It was a short trip for me, but just beautiful.  Greece is hot but not humid, so if you aren’t a big fan of sun bathing you can just sit outside in the shade and be content with an orange juice or Lemon Chill.  (Did you know Lemon Chill is a universal drink?  They just call it something different in every beachfront location.)  I’m still in a bit of a dream state over my trip to the Parthenon.  It’s just lovely.

I’ll go back.  I suggest you go.

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  1. I led tours there for years. I’m glad you enjoyed it and shared the news. They’ve been getting some bad PR with the protests. Protests in Greece ar a national past-time. These just got a bit out of comtrol. But aren’t we glad they have the freedom to protest. And I agree with you on the Agora. Be sure to get off the beaten path.

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