Pain. Pure, pleasurable, pain.

This is Natalie.  Natalie is a sorceress.  She can elevate her body and willingly shape it in ways which are magical.

About a year ago I joined Natalie because I generally hate gyms.  I think is this primarily because gyms in university towns are used as adhoc dating scenes for students who really don’t like the bar/pub scene, yet replicate the same interactions in them.  Replacing such phrases as “Woo!  I’m really drunk!” with “Woo! I feel the burn!”

What you see in this video is magic, because in verbatim this is what it is like:


&*(^%$!  My &^$£ hurts!  How the &*^$$ to you expect me to hold a straight face while *&^$$£ is screaming in pain?

And you know what she says?  Those eyes, those mystical eyes gazing at you?

“Do it again.”

And you do.  You get up off the mat and you climb on the pole and you do it again.

Just the warm up for this stuff is insane.  She makes you ‘mew’ when you do your dead leg lifts in order to prove you are breathing while lifting with your abs.  If any self respecting person wandered in to a room full of women who are half dressed and making cat sounds while clinging to poles with their legs in front of them thought this was ‘normal’ … well then… they should join in I suppose.

I never thought I would be in to this sort of thing, mostly because of the connection to the stripper world.  But, honestly, after crying my way from just sitting on the pole to now trying to flip over and push myself away from the pole (willingly) I can tell you that real pole is an art.

Real pole is hard.

Real pole makes you a total bad ass.  Sort of like her face in the video.  I once asked if she practiced saying, “I am a bad ass” in front of the mirror before she performed to get herself focused.

And then she reminded me that she works with pythons usually, so it comes naturally.

That’s how bad ass she is.

So, if you ever want to go “beyond gym.”  If you ever wanted to willingly inflict pain upon yourself for the sake of making pretty shapes, consider Natalie the sorceress.

And if you want to make fun of me, remember she has snakes.  Really big ones.  And abs which can bend metal bars.

That is all.

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