A Perfectly Lovely Day for Assult

So, I’ve been mugged.  Checking that off my list of life experiences no one ever really wants to have.

It was broad daylight and I was headed back to work after looking at dresses for a wedding next weekend. I had taken my phone and my keys.  In a moment that smacks of stupidity in hindsight, I put the phone – in its bright blue case – into my back pocket.

I had cleared the Botley Road, afterall.

Behind me I heard whispers.  The next thing I new my phone was being taken from my pocket and I was being shoved toward a wall.  By the time I got my senses back I turned to see a youth sprinting up the street.

I had been targeted, I was in dress shoes.  There was no way I would catch this guy.

A group of girls who I had passed hesitantly tried to stop him.  He cleared them with ease.  A kid on a bike didn’t flinch, in fact, he looked dumbfounded.  People came out of their houses, and then, without even asking how I was, went back in.

It was over in under 2 minutes.  It felt like 20.

I ran back to work, all I could think is, “I have to report this.  I want to be somewhere safe.”

In true British fashion I was offered tea countless times.  My intern phoned the police.  I phone the mobile company.  “Shut it off.  Shut it all off,” was the only things I can remember saying.  I then spent what felt like hours trying to brick my phone after not signing up for a security service.

No dice.

The police sent a very nice man out to take my statement.  I was told it takes time, and that my phone is most likely gone.  But maybe somewhere down the road this kid will be caught and I helped to catch him.

I feel awful, but on the flip side, only my phone was taken.

So, if you are in the Oxford Area near Osney Island or the Osney Industrial Estate please be cautious.  There could very well be a youth or perhaps a group of youths targeting the area for pickpocket and mugging opportunities.  Hide your valuables, travel in packs.

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  1. Was so sorry to hear about this earlier from your hubby. Really glad to hear you weren’t hurt, and hope you’re not too shaken up.

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