Why Weird Al is Necessary

I got to see “Weird Al” Yankovic perform his first concert in London last night.

Now, I’m unashamed to admit this, this was my fourth concert.  I’ve seen him once in Orlando and twice in Houston prior.  I have always loved going to his concerts because they are a literal melting pot of everyone.  From designer suits, full-on goth, to t-shirts and jeans.  Age ranges from the young at heart to the really young.  There isn’t any color preference when it comes to skin tone.  I generally don’t ask sexual or religious preference but I’m pretty sure it’s as weird as is required for one of his concerts.

The joy I find in going is not only the fact that he and his band put on a heck of a show, but the fact that when they do I can watch a man in his 60s in a sweater vest pumping his fist to “White and Nerdy,” then high-five a man with a mohawk two seats over when it’s done.  You can look at these kinds of things as world lessons.  That we really shouldn’t take all our labels and monikers so darn seriously, that we should just go through life having a general good time and toss away all the stereotypes that block us from reaching proper enlightenment.

What I’m saying is that maybe, perhaps, we could Dare to be Stupid.

Or, perhaps a bit more honestly, we could just remember that life is just a journey, and to walk away from the opportunity to laugh and enjoy it with as many different people as possible is a terrible waste.

Thank you, Weird Al, for reminding me to not be so serious all the time, but to seriously enjoy my time.



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